and the storyteller's imagination. I hope you'll enjoy my galleries as much as I've enjoyed bringing these creatures into being., © 2003-10, M. D. Bittinger

How to purchase a Valmortha original

Artist's Statement: What is Valmortha?

"Originally a place name, a world created through years of storytelling, I like to think of Valmortha as the Unknown Universe Just Left of the Imagination - A home for creatures, spirits and personalities we dare to dream but jealously guard from the mundane. As mischievous children, dreams sometimes venture forth from their protected home, becoming inspiration. Such is the impetus behind my craft."

"By serendipitous choice, the leather medium proved a true complement to the often demanding and impatient wanderings of my inspirations. Malleable only if properly coaxed, it hints at and suggests the transformation to come, granting me some tiny illusion of control. Being both durable and flexible, the leather encourages you to play with the art. Don't just hang it on the wall. Wear it, dance with it, take it camping!"

"If we allow them some freedom, our dreams and stories enrich our realities. They bring us laughter and healing. They teach us lessons, or remind us to cry. To wear a mask is to tell a story, and every Valmortha mask or sculpture reveals a hundred tales, each unique to the observer."

--Melissa D. Bittinger, 2004